Hanna K. Draws Ultra Modern Teen Catwoman

Hanna K.’s catwoman drawings got featured on comics alliance. Pretty neat! We’re reprinting Hannas New Frontier: Third Wheel this month since it sold out so quick. Be sure to check out here for more updates or subscribe to our newsletter from our web page

So proud to present MGCL_GRL, a lifestyle book about Magical Girls by Mathilde Kitteh!!!
Featuring Magical Girl fashion tips, a test to see which kind of M_G you are, a guide to familiars, interviews and more! It’s the #1 choice for all hip M_G’s. And it comes with stickers!
Teleport over to Peow! and get!

MGCL GRL release party!

This Friday we had a release party for Mathilde Kitteh’s book MGCL_GRL. A lifestyle book about Magical Girls! 

It was also the official opening for our new shop! 

So now, for the first time ever, you can get Peow! books in Sweden. (Also other cool books that aren’t available anywhere else in this country…!)


Unfortunately we had too much fun to take many pictures of the event itself, but here’s Valentin, Patrick and Mathilde celebrating at Peow! HQ AW Club!

Edit: The book will be officially released online tomorrow!!! 

We got text on our window! So cool our new place is shaping up. Look at that cool lamp we found at a second-hand shop!

Patrick showing where the water level were outside our old office that got flooded last weekend. So lucky we already moved most of our stuff to the new place above ground. Moving on moving up!

Bandai Namco Quest Book!

NärCon is currently going on in Sweden!
We did a little book for Bandai Namco, that will help the convention guests experience the BN game world for reals!

You get to create your very own character with the built-in character creator! (It’s in Swedish and English)

There’s over 800k character combinations! 

Then you can join your Co-Op squad members (or go alone, but that’s dangerous) and do cool Sub-Events (“quests”) to maybe win cool stuff!

There’s also a bunch of Top Secret tips and tricks for games and stuff!

Thanks to Peter Söderlund at BN for letting us do this fun project!

Comics&Cola: Picture review: Onion in love... and danger

This is such a spot on analyzing of Patrick’s latest comic “Internal Affairs - what is love?”.  Zainab really makes a great effort to break down what makes this comic so great (no bragging) without spoiling the magic of comics.


I made a limited edition second printing of my “Feathers”-print from the Gallery 33 show, and will be selling them here for 200 SEK + whatever shipping cost. (200 sek = aprx 29.70 usd) Payment via paypal. 

A3 size. 4-color risograph. 

Send an ask/message if you’re interested! 

Yes we printed these this was when Hanna was interning at our place! Thanks to this, we now have 5 dinosaur books sitting at the office for “reference purposes” . Go order! :D

Thanks ANIIE for getting us lunch!!!!!!! 
ps. I (patrick) accidentally opened up the camera before the film rolled back that’s why there is a weird stripe on the picture…)

Thanks ANIIE for getting us lunch!!!!!!! 

ps. I (patrick) accidentally opened up the camera before the film rolled back that’s why there is a weird stripe on the picture…)

Like a lot of weeks late. Here is our … TCAF neato report.  Lets look at the pictures patrick took. He’s not a very good photographer! :)

If you look, you can see a rainbow! This was at niagara falls. We were there with other comic book people. Sadly, nobody fell in the water.

When we were going out to Niagara Falls, the buss exploded so we had to wait for a new buss. It was kinda boring, but nice to stretch our legs. The new bus that came was really small, so we had to wait for another buss. In this picture are a bunch of people. look at Sloane and Olle and Elliot and Hanna K!. 

Hanna K thought the waterfall was boring so she looked away from it.

Olle went in this store because he thought they sold Magic the gathering cards. They only had tarot cards.

Olle said I look really fat in this picture. Easy for him to say because he is a master “poser” on camera. Look at that face!  Ryan was shocked because there was a lizard in the room.

PEOW + natalie-andrewson + hannakdraws. Right after we took this picture a guy walked by and farted really loud.

Olle’s proud moment. This is in front of Kenny & Spenny’s house! 

Amazing SONIC ice-cream with very bad eyeballs.. They ate them up really quickly though. I wonder why. (ps. olle said the ice-cream tasted like clay)

Look at these thugs! wrenmcdonald and elliotalfredius got into a fight with the guy who took this picture! It was a good thing because he had stolen my camera!

We ended up finding magic cards.. tim-peacock got the rare. Elliot hates magic so he didn’t get anything.

Patrick is not good at taking pictures. He missed the mirror!

we ate food here whatever i dont care. 

Anyways! we noticed that we didn’t take any pictures from the festival or a lot of other things, it’s because we were having such a good time with everything else. TCAF was so magic and fun for us that we didn’t have time to take pictures and stuff. PEOW hasn’t been happy like that in a long time. Meeting koyamapress was magic (more than real MTG!) and um kris, arlin, zac g, brian L o.m., zach h, jenn liv, um tim and chase and wren and natalie, sloane, sofia f.d mr.butcher, ryan sands and hanna k lee, Evan Palmer, Miles um um um, and probably a so many other people we are so bad at names but yes it was very cool, you are the best and have given us so much “träningsverk” in our cheeks from smiling. But for next year, more camera!

We will be back in north america soon to say hello soon i hope

much <3<3<3 from us.. Patrick, Elliot, and Olle 


NOTE: If you’re going to ELCAF or Oslo Comics Expo this weekend you can get it from the Peow!-table instead

I won’t be there myself but they guys will. Pat at ELCAF and Eli + Olle in Oslo. Go say hi! there will be lots of cool stuff at their table. 

link to the shop:

Hanna telling how it is! See ya tomorrow

We signed up Internal Affairs, Náva #1 and Time Capsule #2 for swedish design competition Kolla! and all three got nominated and could win gold or silver. Or loose. 


Ryan G Has a Crush on You - Pat Crotty (2014)

My Name is Justin B and These Are My Tattoo Stories - Pat Crotty (2014)

So these are in a pretty sweet Librarie hehe…